Queens and Kings

IMG_3734_2 Hello readers! I had a great shoot with Shayra and Tristan this February and I'm excited to share it here today! I will have some BTS (Behind The Scenes) shots mixed in along with lighting diagrams to help you understand what was going on with the on-set lighting. Come on in and let see what's going on!

Here are the lighting essentials for this image...

(Click to Enlarge)

(Click to Enlarge)

  • These table lights are not very bright; so we will have a slow shutter speed. Break out the tripod for the sharpest image! (see me in the BTS image below!)
  • Meter the camera to the table lights. This ended up being 1/15th of a second shutter speed.
  • Place and turn on the strobe light; meter this light against the table lamps. (ask in the comments more about this step!)
  • And most importantly, we must be setup with a rear-shutter sync for the sharpest image!
  • SHOOT! 😀

"Our eyes and mind see different things. To bridge the gap between the two one can use cameras and lights."

 -Joshua Berardi
  This BTS image captures the above quote completely. Did I just quote myself? Well, yes. Yes I did! That makes referencing a whole lot easier! 🙂
IMG_3631 copy

I titled this post "Queens and Kings"  due to this image. I felt like I was shooting royalty! (It's the hair piece really!)

IMG_3776 copy

This image has the exact same setup as the first image at the top with the lighting diagram.

IMG_3838 copy

Here are the lighting essentials for this image...

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Click To Enlarge

  • This setup was done exactly like the first diagram except for one difference...
  • I used a 3409 CTO (change-to-orange) gel in front of the flash tube for my strobe light color would closely match that of the background.
  • Without the CTO gel we would run into a warm background while our clients would come off looking blue/green in comparison.
Here is a BTS of what I was seeing during this portion of the shoot. Again, bridging that gap between what I want to see and what actually is. A HUGE shout out to my lady Michelle for being a really awesome grip during our shoots! She rocks with posing, working with clients, lighting, and juggling equipment around me. You may have seen her on my blog here, here, or even here. :)sA
That's all for this shoot! I have several others I'm writing up for you. Be on the look out for them, or better yet, throw you e-mail into the box below and you will get an e-mail every time post. Since I take time with my posts, you won't be e-mail very often. Thank you as always for visiting my site!
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Infinite Ribbons

20150921_Rhiannon_Moline_039 Lately I have been going more underground with who and what to shoot. I'm scouting and finding places to shoot where I've not seen anything else shot before with people I'm pulling out of woodwork. 20150921_Rhiannon_Moline_022-Edit copyThis series is of...
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I can see through you

20150917_Shayra_Peoria_186-_STAMPI've been back and forth between shoots recently. Here are the rest of the images from this location. I previously posted one image from this shoot a few blog posts back. You can find that image here. [caption id="attachment_1335" align="aligncenter" width="667"]20150917_Shayra_Peoria_191-Edit Read on...

Sheer light

2015_SS_Nash_135-Edit Can't go wrong with large windows, sheer, 4x8 white bounce cards, and Lauren on set! Also, with my favorite grip, Michelle, and MUA Stephanie! 2015_SS_Nash_179-Edit I was a bit too far back for this shot and captured a large clip of the white bounce reflector. It was an accident, but I liked it in there. It mimicked the other angels in the image and seem to set well right where it was. 2015_SS_Nash_104-Edit-Edit copy This is the second shoot I have had with Lauren. It's similar to the first, but this time we shot for more than 5 min. 🙂 There is a video of the first shoot here. I haven't played with sheer in a very long time. I decided to give it a try again for the sheer fun of it. Yes, I just did that. 2015_SS_Nash_165-Edit We only shot in this single corner with me only moving in two different positions. So, the more difficult part was on Lauren getting into different poses that I could tweak. 2015_SS_Nash_194-Edit2 Someday will we do a third shoot and will be ready to capture something totally different. Maybe go with low-key additive lighting? Possibly a little chiaroscuro? I say yes!   As always, here is the lighting setup. Use this to share your lighting setup or to document your setup for future reference. Email me at kevin@kertzdesign for comments and/or suggestions. Not for commercial use.
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Let the light in!

2015_IMG_1509-Edit copy2 I'm busy today doing too many things, but wanted to put this here. This is the most straight-forward lighting setup there can be. Step 1-  get out your camera Step 2- point it at the subject Step 3- take some pictures Step 4- add a color gradient or two in post to heighten interest Step 5- post on your blog Step 6- Now, go fix the washer...wait...that's what *I* have to do right now. Later! 😀

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Lodge Fashion

  2015_IMG_1003-Edit copy Use this to share your lighting setup or to document your setup for future reference. Email me at kevin@kertzdesign for comments and/or suggestions. Not for commercial use. Sometimes the MUA's (make up artists) have to have their fun as well! This collaboration was between myself and two MUA's; Wynete Tyree (a MUA, but modeling here) and Candee Scott (the MUA for Wynete during this shoot). I was the photographer, and corset tying guy. 🙂 While the make-up was being applied I chose two locations and setup two lights to mingle with the existing lights of the cabin. Spot number one was an obvious choice with this amazing mantle! Everything about it was awesome, only needed to insert Wynete! Great job!! Spot number two was to change up the perspective and angle for the shots would not all be the same. Nothing wrong with same, especially with clients. But, this was for fun and to capture fashion fashion fashion! 2015_IMG_0973-Edit-Edit copy   This spot is the same lighting as the first, only pulled away from the mantel. You can see the mantel at the top of the image. Once I got up top with the wide angel lens I saw the deer light peek into the image...perfect! I left the couch at the bottom peeking-in to help frame the image with the deer light. Can we say romance book cover?! Location three was my "purposely-unplanned in-the-moment-OMG-quick-think-of-something" space. Here is what came of that... 2015_IMG_1037-Edit-Edit copy   There where so many lights in the background, lighting up the stairwell, and above head...it was awesome! I added one 1/2 CTO to a strobe which I place high and behind me. I also has a very tight grid on the light. 20 or 30 degrees. Here are the two MUA's pages if you are interested in their work! Candee Scott MUA @ Facebook Wynete Tyree MUA @ Facebook Thank you for reading!   Oh, a bonus FUN image!!!  😀 2015_IMG_1051_MASTER-Edit copy  
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my workstation It's that time again to upgrade the computer. I built this machine in 2009 for $800. I'm 95% pleased with how it runs today in 2015. I've been in Windows Vista since shortly after it came out, Photoshop cs5, and Lightroom 4.x. It has been a...
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