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Lodge Fashion

  2015_IMG_1003-Edit copy Use this to share your lighting setup or to document your setup for future reference. Email me at kevin@kertzdesign for comments and/or suggestions. Not for commercial use. Sometimes the MUA's (make up artists) have to have their fun as well! This collaboration was between myself and two MUA's; Wynete Tyree (a MUA, but modeling here) and Candee Scott (the MUA for Wynete during this shoot). I was the photographer, and corset tying guy. 🙂 While the make-up was being applied I chose two locations and setup two lights to mingle with the existing lights of the cabin. Spot number one was an obvious choice with this amazing mantle! Everything about it was awesome, only needed to insert Wynete! Great job!! Spot number two was to change up the perspective and angle for the shots would not all be the same. Nothing wrong with same, especially with clients. But, this was for fun and to capture fashion fashion fashion! 2015_IMG_0973-Edit-Edit copy   This spot is the same lighting as the first, only pulled away from the mantel. You can see the mantel at the top of the image. Once I got up top with the wide angel lens I saw the deer light peek into the image...perfect! I left the couch at the bottom peeking-in to help frame the image with the deer light. Can we say romance book cover?! Location three was my "purposely-unplanned in-the-moment-OMG-quick-think-of-something" space. Here is what came of that... 2015_IMG_1037-Edit-Edit copy   There where so many lights in the background, lighting up the stairwell, and above head...it was awesome! I added one 1/2 CTO to a strobe which I place high and behind me. I also has a very tight grid on the light. 20 or 30 degrees. Here are the two MUA's pages if you are interested in their work! Candee Scott MUA @ Facebook Wynete Tyree MUA @ Facebook Thank you for reading!   Oh, a bonus FUN image!!!  😀 2015_IMG_1051_MASTER-Edit copy  
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