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The police might see this!

Shoes_and_Pleather--9757_MASTER_RT It doesn't matter that it's later at night and the police station is just outside this glass stairwell, we are going to shoot anyway! We have been eyeballing (wow, the word "eyeballing" apparently is in this computers dictionary, I didn't think it would be) this area for quite sometime. This is our 2nd or 3rd shoot there.   What we always enjoyed about the atmosphere here at night is the light that trails in-between the stairs all the way to the top. That light provided us with our primary (and only) light source. Also, the white metal rails and metal meshing in between I found to be the perfect complement for black leather. Shoes_and_Pleather--9745_MASTER_g_rt   We shot this at night-time for there wouldn't be sunlight blasting through the glass stairwell. We envisioned only the pillar light to illuminate the entire scene. We were keeping it as simple as possible since the police station is outside the window. Trying to make it a "quick" shoot. Anyhow, have a wonderful week and here's the shoot info! Comment with any questions. 🙂 Use this to share your lighting setup or to document your setup for future reference. Email me at kevin@kertzdesign for comments and/or suggestions. Not for commercial use.
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