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Gotta Go!

Recently I had some fun with a photoshoot meetup at a local Casino/Hotel. While others were playing with their new photo-toys, Tetra and I went on a walk around the casino to find good spaces to shoot. Okay, so we ended up in the men's bathroom. This was my idea for when I went to use the bathroom I realized it was one of the coolest spaces to shoot in...and risky! The only way in and out of this men's restroom was a 20' long hallway! Hey, adventure! After I fumbled my settings to get exposure correct, we started shooting. Not even 10 shots in a man starts to walk down the men's restroom hallway. There was nowhere for us to go! Tetra, being a step ahead of me jumped into a stall. She closed and locked the door, sat on the toilet, held her feet up for her legs/shoes wouldn't show. Genious! Now, WTF do *I* do?! That's right, texting. I set my camera and bag on the sink and acted like I'm texting. The man starts to use the urinal. Besides the obvious sounds, a lady starts talking from the walkie-talkie attached to the man's belt.... *pssssh*  "Hey Terry, did you take care of that....." Of COURSE, it was an employee!!! He finished his business and walk back out. HOLY *WHEW*! We didn't get caught! Yay!   We ventured a few other areas. A stairwell... ...and a killer hallway... Thank you, Tetra, for a fun second shoot! (Our first shoot together is here, if you missed it--->"Infinite Ribbons")
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