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Original? Relevant?

I used to get caught up and stuck with the thought "there isn't anything new I can do[with photography], it's all been done before!" Which, is true. Just about everything you think of you can google and see someone else is or already has done it. But, this ought not to bring us down from doing what we love. It's utmost important to realize that it's far more important to be relevant than original. If we are following our hearts and shooting what we truly feel is something that is our own, then that is as original as one can get. From there, what about your work is relevant? Does it talk? What does it say? Is it anything of value? Nothing of value? Then, what is its purpose? To sell something? Does it do that? Yes? Then it is original to you, and relevant for it fulfills its purpose; to sell that thing. See what I'm saying? Don't allow ideals and originality to crush your photographic soul. Allow your soul to push past originality and become something relevant in your world.
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Palette Gear or Loupdeck…?

A funny thing happened in the past 24 hours! I was tagged in a Facebook post by my photographer friend Derrick concerning a new product to make photo work much easier in Lightroom. This product is called Loupedeck. It's basically a keyboard designed with knobs and sliders...
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Gotta Go!

Recently I had some fun with a photoshoot meetup at a local Casino/Hotel. While others were playing with their new photo-toys, Tetra and I went on a walk around the casino to find good spaces to shoot. Okay, so we ended up in the men's bathroom. This was my idea for when I went to use the bathroom I realized it was one of the coolest spaces to shoot in...and risky! The only way in and out of this men's restroom was a 20' long hallway! Hey, adventure! After I fumbled my settings to get exposure correct, we started shooting. Not even 10 shots in a man starts to walk down the men's restroom hallway. There was nowhere for us to go! Tetra, being a step ahead of me jumped into a stall. She closed and locked the door, sat on the toilet, held her feet up for her legs/shoes wouldn't show. Genious! Now, WTF do *I* do?! That's right, texting. I set my camera and bag on the sink and acted like I'm texting. The man starts to use the urinal. Besides the obvious sounds, a lady starts talking from the walkie-talkie attached to the man's belt.... *pssssh*  "Hey Terry, did you take care of that....." Of COURSE, it was an employee!!! He finished his business and walk back out. HOLY *WHEW*! We didn't get caught! Yay!   We ventured a few other areas. A stairwell... ...and a killer hallway... Thank you, Tetra, for a fun second shoot! (Our first shoot together is here, if you missed it--->"Infinite Ribbons")
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Detroit wished me a happy birthday

img_6366-edit-edit-copy This past weekend was my birthday weekend. Me and the lady set out to visit the city Ann Arbor in Michigan. We drove about 5 or 6 hours before we arrived to Ann Arbor and unbeknownst to us there was football game about to start. There was no where to park for under $30. People dressed in football stamped clothing were covering the sunlight from touching any ground.. Painted faces and all. Since we are not into sports, in the slightest bit, we decided to not stop in this city. Since neither of us have been to Detroit, and it was so close by, that is where we headed.
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Sheer light

2015_SS_Nash_135-Edit Can't go wrong with large windows, sheer, 4x8 white bounce cards, and Lauren on set! Also, with my favorite grip, Michelle, and MUA Stephanie! 2015_SS_Nash_179-Edit I was a bit too far back for this shot and captured a large clip of the white bounce reflector. It was an accident, but I liked it in there. It mimicked the other angels in the image and seem to set well right where it was. 2015_SS_Nash_104-Edit-Edit copy This is the second shoot I have had with Lauren. It's similar to the first, but this time we shot for more than 5 min. 🙂 There is a video of the first shoot here. I haven't played with sheer in a very long time. I decided to give it a try again for the sheer fun of it. Yes, I just did that. 2015_SS_Nash_165-Edit We only shot in this single corner with me only moving in two different positions. So, the more difficult part was on Lauren getting into different poses that I could tweak. 2015_SS_Nash_194-Edit2 Someday will we do a third shoot and will be ready to capture something totally different. Maybe go with low-key additive lighting? Possibly a little chiaroscuro? I say yes!   As always, here is the lighting setup. Use this to share your lighting setup or to document your setup for future reference. Email me at kevin@kertzdesign for comments and/or suggestions. Not for commercial use.
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Let the light in!

2015_IMG_1509-Edit copy2 I'm busy today doing too many things, but wanted to put this here. This is the most straight-forward lighting setup there can be. Step 1-  get out your camera Step 2- point it at the subject Step 3- take some pictures Step 4- add a color gradient or two in post to heighten interest Step 5- post on your blog Step 6- Now, go fix the washer...wait...that's what *I* have to do right now. Later! 😀

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