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It's that time of the year when seniors are going to the local photographers and capturing how nerdy they don't know they are yet. I look back at my senior pics and think "wow, really josh?"  Nice hair...dork! ahhh ANYWAY.

In that mode of thinking is how I approached shooting my nephew, Alec, for his senior pictures. He plays several sports, but soccer seems to stand out more than the others. I thought instantly about some of those Nike ad's. You know, with the strong back lighting and hard HDR-like effect? We went with that look.

The setup was two strobe lights, the sun, and a meter in-hand. Here is a behind-the-scenes shot of what you would have seen if standing there with us. (click to enlarge)



I was impressed by his ease in-front of the camera and his willingness to work with me on getting shots that showed attitude and were edgy.  Some ideas were planned, like the first shot above. Others was Alec just being totally freaking AWESOME! Like, this 2nd image below:


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Thank you Alec for being an awesome subject to shoot! You rock!!!

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  1. Bill Giles
    Good work. I think that it is important to get people to do things that they normally do, in order to look natural. Overpowering the ambient light makes for more drama.
    • joshua
      Thank you. Sometimes a shoot is about making a moment happen. Others is capturing an already happening moment, and others are about creating a moment.

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