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A few weeks back I spent a week in the mountains of Colorado. It's such a beautiful place full of nature and adventure! Up until a few weeks ago, I have never been near a real mountain other than flying over them in a jet. The only complaint I have is that I didn't get to go earlier when all of the trees were green. There was a whole lot of trees eaten by the beetles. It was sad to me even though I didn't have a mental image of what it once appeared.

Why did I go to Colorado? Because it's where my lovely girl is from of course! She took as many pictures as I did and always had a nice angle of things that I miss too often. Here is a neat shot she snuck in while shooting the above image.


Did I mention that I got about 15 foot from a wild moose?! That thing was crazy huge!!!


This other moose hopped in front of my camera while I was shooting the above moose. That's one sneaky moose! ;D

I captured many pano images while there. This was one of my favorites. I stood in awe of how beautiful this scene was!


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  1. i wanna see. i am so jealous. but here in the mountains we have seen some pretty shots, though i have yet to see any wildlife i can't see back in illinois.
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