I had the opportunity to work with a great deal of talent in the Des Moines Iowa area this past weekend. We had 4 MUA's, 3 photographers, and 6 models. It started out much smaller, but the day before the excitement hit a few others and it grew!

Thank you to everyone at dsmphotocompany (Jeremy, Brian,Erin, Megan) for being AWESOME to work with, studio space and locations, and especially to Jeremy and Megan for being GREAT hosts!  Thank you to all the models, Travis, Kelsi, Ayla, Kara, Kari, and Victoria who I DIDN'T GET TO SHOOT..AARRRGGGGH!!! ...for your hard work and creative ideas! We laughed a TON and rocked a bunch of killer shots!

Above is Kara. She is also a photographer herself and does an amazing job of understanding the feeling of an image. She rocked this image after I explained how I felt about the atmosphere and her in it. She NAILED it! Thanks Kara!

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  1. Living here in Des Moines, has a lot of opportunities. Next time you guys should drive a small distance west and shoot at various Bridges of Madison County. I would love to come with next time if you guys want extra company.
  2. Sweet, you has locations! :D

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