I now want to be a mailman. Ok, not really. Maybe the milkman?  I hear they get benefits, but not without dog attacks. (That doesn't seem like a fair trade off!)

I don't know much about cars. I mean, I drive a car, take care of it and understand its functionality. But, they never interested me in the sense of how powerful or fast they are. I only need enough power to pull me and my belongings. Also, I don't need any more speed than 95mph 65mph.

Yep. That's me. The rebel driving the Malibu. Watch out, I'm using hand signals.

I was hired to shoot a car show. It was a good time for me for since I don't know much about cars it was all fairly new to me. The details caught my eye right away and made it easy to capture the uniqueness of each car. I had several cool older dudes come up and ask me:

cool older dude: "Is this a 1956 or 1957?"

me: "I have no idea. "

Good conversation huh? I thought so.

One guy talked to me about old car details, many of them.

me (thinking as he talked): "Boy," I thought, "this guy really likes to share!"

He should have shared his foot long hot dog because I was freaking HUNGRY!

I decided instead of running off like someone lit a fire under my ass that I would take this opportunity to learn about some of the cars that I was shooting.

I forgot everything he said to me.

Below are clickable thumbnails, click for larger versions. Enjoy ...you car lovers you!

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