I used to get caught up and stuck with the thought "there isn't anything new I can do[with photography], it's all been done before!" Which, is true. Just about everything you think of you can google and see someone else is or already has done it. But, this ought not to bring us down from doing what we love. It's utmost important to realize that it's far more important to be relevant than original.

If we are following our hearts and shooting what we truly feel is something that is our own, then that is as original as one can get. From there, what about your work is relevant? Does it talk? What does it say? Is it anything of value? Nothing of value? Then, what is its purpose? To sell something? Does it do that? Yes? Then it is original to you, and relevant for it fulfills its purpose; to sell that thing. See what I'm saying?

Don't allow ideals and originality to crush your photographic soul. Allow your soul to push past originality and become something relevant in your world.

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