nanoKONTROL2 for Photographers and Retouchers


In my last post I was considering one of two different tools to move past the keyboard+pen-mouse retouching that I have used since the 90's. I was looking to possibly purchasing a LoupeDeck or PaletteGear.

Kaylee over at PaletteGear caught wind of my Instagram comments on LoupDecks products and wrote me. She was awesome and offered me free shipping on an already discounted deal that was running at that time. That's awesome salesmanship right there!

In the midst of my decision making I had a comment by Jim Van Winkle stating that he purchased a MIDI controller and used a software from the Netherlands called LrControl. I want to say a big thank you to Jim for pointing out this lesser know method of achieving this setup.

So, I only purchased LrControl for $58.
and, a nanoKONTROL2 for $90.

So, for a total of $148 I got a setup that I could play with and also end up liking fairly well.

I say "fairly" well because there is only one small negative point to this setup. That is since it's a MIDI controller there is a little delay between when the knobs are turned and the changes happen on the screen. It's not a massive delay. Only slightly. I know with the two system I was originally choosing from the changes are direct. But, for me saving several hundred dollars sounded better.

This doesn't mean I do not like the first two products, because I REALLY do and will purchase one down the road.

I hope this opened up some new avenues for you retouchers out there!

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