A funny thing happened in the past 24 hours!

I was tagged in a Facebook post by my photographer friend Derrick concerning a new product to make photo work much easier in Lightroom. This product is called Loupedeck. It's basically a keyboard designed with knobs and sliders to edit images in Lightroom instead of the clunky mouse and keyboard. Here is an image of it below.

From that Facebook post I found Loupdecks Instagram account and checked out some images or the product and also their latest post which was a promo video. (it's cool, check it out here<---)

If you watched the video you will also notice that I commented on the video. This is important for this post, so I will post a screenshot below.

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Within 24 hours of my comment being made I saw this on my Instagram account...


Now, Palletgear  (who liked several of my images) is a different company that makes a system of knobs and sliders (not a keyboard style) that magnetize together in whichever form you prefer and can be use across any program your program it to. I've known about PalletGear for a year or two now and I'm attracted to it for being less proprietary and gives the user the ability to rearrange the buttons and knobs. Here is what that looks like...

I found it intriguing that PalletGear is watching one of their competitors Instagram account and its comments closely enough to have clicked my comment and liked my images to get attention to their hardware. Neat!

The next question I have for myself and which you might have for me as well, which one am I going to purchase?!? I'm already leaning towards one, but I want to try both out to make my decision solid!

Which do you feel is a better system and why?

P.S. The opening image is Kayla, shot in Davenport, Iowa - 2017

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