Burlesque Hall of Fame (BHOF)


BHOF (Burlesque Hall of Fame) is a burlesque festival held in Las Vegas each year to present the best of talent. I had an incredible opportunity to photograph one of these talents, Mercury Stardust! I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Mercury's promo images for his upcoming performance in this years BHOF! The best part of all of this is that each year only FIVE male performers are accepted to perform at the festival to which Mercury was accepted!

One thing to expect from a burlesque photo session is the lack of being judgemental and a lot of love. It's a wonderful thing for all people to meet others who allow judgments to fall to the ground and openly invite differences to the table with a gentle serving of love. This life is full or color and it's up to ourselves to see it.  This is what you will find in the burlesque community! I suggest checking it out sometime even if it's to only see a single show, DO IT! 🙂

I wanted to capture silly-to-serious while photographing Mercury. Sometimes we can get caught up in a person's image and forgot how human we truly are. I find it important to show this through a person's imagery even if it to be in-character.

Here is a quote from Mercury after sending him his images...
""Josh, I have had the dream of having photos that made me feel like I should be on the same stage as the other performers...you just did that for me!!! Hot damn!!!""

Good luck to you, Mercury, in BHOF this year!!!

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