Detroit wished me a happy birthday


This past weekend was my birthday weekend. Me and the lady set out to visit the city Ann Arbor in Michigan. We drove about 5 or 6 hours before we arrived to Ann Arbor and unbeknownst to us there was football game about to start. There was no where to park for under $30. People dressed in football stamped clothing were covering the sunlight from touching any ground.. Painted faces and all. Since we are not into sports, in the slightest bit, we decided to not stop in this city. Since neither of us have been to Detroit, and it was so close by, that is where we headed.

As we entered into Detroit the first thing we noticed is that most everything is fenced in. Like, you have to squint to see the city through fencing as you are driving down the road. That was the route we came in on anyway. The second thing we saw was a police car that appeared somewhat abandoned. Its bumper was falling off. It appeared it was hit by other cars, a few times. And, there may or may not have been bullet holes in it. Moving past the police car we see our first, to be expected, run down Detroit building that has been stripped of its original character. The images in this post are from that building.

The lighting for this is only one step easier than not doing any lighting at all! I have a stand which holds my reflector that I set up near a window and bounced the light toward Michelle. That's it. K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid)

After we were finished shooting a meal was due. We found some amazing Thai food at a local place before we headed out. AMAZING trip all around!

Readers, thank you for visiting the blog today!

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