I don't believe that the sunlight has burned my eyes any more that in this image right here!  It's okay though, because it captured this past weekends quick trip to the Adtran campus while I was visiting my friend Dennis Keim down in Hunstville, Alabama. Amazing guy, amazing body of work!

Two years ago Dennis sent me several images to stitch together to create a panorama of the Adtran campus. Here is some of the work file from beginning to end...the craziest of all things that blew my mind is at the end of this post. Check it out!



The colored outlines are separate shots that were mended together.


Here we are with a full stitch and a brand new clean sky inserted to help everything flow well. Except for all of the dead Fall trees, but we will get to that.


Here was the first drop of trees and shrubbery to give it a feel like it's Summer.


Here is the final image. All trees and shrubbery are in place. All window and water reflections drawn in. Brand new sky. The color of the water is corrected. And, MANY other smaller details.

The neatest thing visiting here live for the first time was the I had NO IDEA that when one is standing where the images were taken that one of these buildings is on the left, and the other is directly to the right! Until this weekend I had no idea the buildings were NOT on the same plane! CRAZY!

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