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I don't often come across an engagement photoshoot. But, when a friend asks to do a photoshoot and wants to sneak in a "Will you marry me?", it's hard to say no! Of course the image above is after he asked.  🙂

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The best part is that myself and Michelle (my assistant) knew what was going on, but the bride to be didn't! Here is a shot of Derrick holding up a sign that London can't see that says "I hope she says YES!!" 😀 Right after this shot (we pre-agreed with Derrick in advance) we had London stand up and Derrick NOT stand up, but instead get onto one knee and ask! Yay!

Here are a couple other shots! 🙂

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  1. Just beautiful . Great job as usual
    • Thank you Shayra! I'm always pleased to see you comment here on the blog! Can't wait for warmer weather to shoot with you again! :D

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