Me and Derrick got together recently to play with smoke and a few masks he picked up at a party store. We, well Derrick, created the smoke using his vape while also controlling which color filters to use over the light. I'm not sure how he didn't pass out after the first 15 or so  frames. It's a talent I do not possess. 🙂

Michelle stepped in as the masked model and I kept an eye on the framing and lighting/exposures. We used a single light with a 10 or 20 degree grid that you can see in the above BTS image. It was worth the play time to figure out the angles to blow the smoke, which way the light ought to strike without illuminating the smoke too much, and various other things that made it more complicated that we fist thought it would be. Overall it was a good set to play with for an otherwise quiet evening.

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