Menagerie Models – Thank You!



Many years ago I met Charles (Owner of Managerie Models) at a photography event where I was teaching post production and retouching. He was one of the students, like many, who sat through a class that I attempted to reveal how to retouch in a way that doesn't result in an image that appears retouched. I don't mean how to use Photoshop tools; we can all learn how a thing functions. I'm talking about how to see an image more than what's on its surface. Also, to have a positive and clean thought process when retouching. Like, what to retouch, how much, how far, when, and importantly why...WHY! I teach from the standpoint that retouching certainly should not be taking the spotlight of the image. The image needs to speak for itself. Retouching is simply an amplifier of that message.

Thank you Charles for such a pleasing post. It means more than you know to hear that things I have taught has catapulted someone else that a post like this would be written about me 8'ish years later. Congratulations Charles on what I think is your second Menagerie office in Clayton. It's awesome to see you exceeding!!

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