Lately I have been going more underground with who and what to shoot. I'm scouting and finding places to shoot where I've not seen anything else shot before with people I'm pulling out of woodwork. 20150921_Rhiannon_Moline_022-Edit copyThis series is of Tetra. I met her for the first time right before this shoot. A shoot that I felt went really well. I will always have an eye for the alternative look on things. I'm not much of a mainstream individual myself. Anyhow, I found this location driving around town one day. It's a giant ball made up of metal that twists like a ribbon. Definitely a great place to shoot around!20150921_Rhiannon_Moline_089I found a small tunnel to work in that I hope to use again later during the day time. Since it was night time and we had this alternative look happening, I went with a ghostly feel to the images.
20150921_Rhiannon_Moline_079-Edit_EFXI hope to shoot with Tetra again in some different styles and locations soon. Thank you for stopping by and checking out this shoot!

(I used a single light with a grid to balance sunlight in the first images, and the same light in the bottom images to illuminate the subject. Nothing noteworthy.)

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