The other night we went to the skating rink to...well, how can I say this...to go skating! I skated for several years in high school posing as a skater punk kid and just like riding a bike I didn't forget how to do it. It's actually easier than riding a bike for me since I didn't ride a bike that much when younger. Also, turning left always feels awkward on a bike. *shrugs* WHATEVER! Back to the skating rink story...


...At the rink they have these two plane PVC structures with wheels on them for they can be held onto for kids will not fall. (they still do somehow!) This reeeeeeeally tiny girl skated up to me going reeeeeeeally slow and said in the tiniest but most confident mini-girl voice... "watch how fast I can go!" but she actually said "WACH HOW FRAST I CAN GO!"...and off she went! About 2 feet into her speed training she looked back to make sure I was watching, which I was. She then said "I went willy frast huh?!" ..."YES YOU DID! THAT WAS AWESOME!" I replied.


It was an amazing thing to see a person, confident to talk to someone older, larger, and opposite sex, without any hesitation at all. She hasn't been taught by the world how to judge people or a situation at all. It was most refreshing to see this and to reflect on areas of my life where I may not be so open. Don't get me wrong, there is much reason to judge situations and people simply because it's safe to do so. But, at no point should we fear the other person; to treat them in some way because we assume anything about them. Like they say at retail jobs "What do criminals look like?" (Answer is: Anybody!) The point is, don't make accusations and judgements in your mind a solid final-thought before acting.

Another thing that I was impressed by was this little girls excitement about doing a thing. I feel we lose excitement in the things we do. Once we do, we become bored...and boring. Let's not do that to ourselves! 😀

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