If you haven't ever been to a photography event I would suggest any of the Supershoots events. More specifically the Hit the Lodge event.

Hit the Lodge is Supershoots biggest yearly event that I have attended twice now. It's a great place to stretch your knowledge in photography. From classes that are taught by those that have "been there" and "are there" to learning from other attendees. It's impossible to walk away without learning 100 new things and gaining some great images.

I'm still finding my pocket in photography, which proves to be a long hard road but enjoyable to walk. It's tough to learn and discern styles of photography. Especially glamor versus beauty. It's sort of like arguing Ford or Chevy at times. They blend on so many levels, but at the same time they are completely different in approach and goal. More on that in the future.

When shooting my mind is usually wrapped around the models personality and look. I try to make the best of whatever I'm shooting, and if i can I mix in a bit-o-fun.

Above is Maria. She is a friend of mine that attended her first Supershoots event last weekend. I have not shot her before and she hasn't done modeling at an event. She asked if we could shoot together in the morning before the event started to work on communication and flow. I believe she did a fine job! She fit in incredibly well and had a great time at the event. She will be back for events in the near future.

You can learn about other Supershoots events at supershoots.com.

Canon 20D
f/2 @ 1/125th
Strobe + White Umbrella

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