Rain or Shine…make it GREAT!


2015_Alana_Tim_0330I had a photoshoot on Sunday with a couple that are truly amazing people. They live a few hours away which so happens to be in my original hometown. So, not a foreign drive or area to shoot in for me.

"A perfect day for an outdoor shoot!" I exclaimed in my mind as I drove out of the driveway. I wasn't even half way to the destination when the clouds decided to tell me a different story about my quickly approaching photoshoot. Gray, gray, gray skies without any hope of sunshine. Rain pounding my windshield as to say "your shoot is already over!"

Definitely not.


I met the couple at their home where we talked about not shooting or going ahead with it. I said to them "we have to at least try. who knows what the weather will do or what we will come up with". So, that's exactly what we did. We were prepared to be in the rain but the shoot location, unknown to me, had this awesome bridge to play under! Great!Alana_Tim_0310

You see, one of my favorite parts about photography and many other things in life is the importance of the ability to flow with changes. In this case the weather drastically changed, so I had to also change. I had to change my thoughts on what I was going to shoot. The ideas attached a rainy day instead of a sunny day. This is the epicenter of the idea of Wu-wei. In the West here we refer to a similar idea with the less mystique phrase "going with the flow".


My favorite part of this shoot were who I was shooting with. A photographers dream is to have a subject be natural in the surroundings for they can be captured in a natural state. It's not always that way. Sometimes it's a big struggle to capture a single frame of some subjects because they are too nervous, too scared, too ANYTHING BUT NATURAL. It's like seeing a lion in a zoo behind bars compared to seeing a lion out in the open. Or better yet, a zombie behind bars or out in the open. Out in the open is totally different!


An even better hand delt to a photographer are subjects who can be natural while still taking small instructions in between. In this image I had to say "chin up!" a few times for I could capture the emotions in their faces. I shot this while standing on the bridge while they played snuggle below the bridge...say hello to 300mm! 🙂

Here is what the cleint had to say after they viewed a few samples of their images:
"I LOVE it!!! Thank you again, so much more than I can say. I'm so excited to see what you came up with, but I'm even more grateful that you would go through that with us "

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