I found myself (running from me)!



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I don't feel one truly finds themselves in the sense that they are done searching. I've always felt that when someone says they have found themselves (oh god, they probably haven't if they are saying that) that they are suggesting they have found an end to the search of self.

I don't believe that is a search that has an end.

Rather, one comes to realize the path they are on or the path they need to be on. To say one has found themselves kind of suggests they are done with some sort of life-search. Life isn't a destination other than death. It may be better off to say we are open to finding ourselves in all instances of life.

When one finds themselves it sets the foundation to how they will use the time they have. How they will respond to the things around and inside of themselves.

If you often feel not-so-yourself, lost, or disorganized within you may need to push a bit to be active in the process. Here is a handy link I found that helps get you started.  ----> How to find yourself.

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